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We pray that you all are Healthy in Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul, as we strive to be. The journey to complete health and wellness can be long and arduous, but every step along the path is so worth it! Thank you for joining us on the journey.

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Unfortunately a disclaimer is necessary because people increasingly refuse to take responsibility for their own choices in every aspect of life, and I do share things on this channel that have benefitted my health and the healthy of my family. Also, we are not a religious organization, nor are we affiliate with a specific religion. We believe the Bible is the ultimate authority on all spiritual questions, the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaQodesh) is the teacher, Jesus (Yeshua) is the only shepherd, and God (YAHUAH) is our Abba Father.

We are not doctors or other medical professionals. If we offer a health or herbal remedy or recommendation, please realize it is our opinion based on our research and our specific situation. HOWEVER, you are responsible for doing your own research. Something healthy for one person may be unhealthy for another due to differences such as: allergies, toxic load, current pharmaceutical medications, etc.

We believe we are all given common sense by Abba with the ability to apply critical thinking skills. We follow this logic: what you do with your body, your health, and your life is YOUR own choice. We all need to take responsibility for our own bodies, health, and life choices. We firmly believe in continued learning and encourage all our readers and viewers to research information for themselves, which is the only way to empower yourself.

We accept no responsibility for your personal choices in regard to your personal body, physical health, spiritual health, mental health, and life choices. By reading or viewing, you are giving consent that you accept full and sole responsibility for your own personal choices in regard to your body, physical health, spiritual health, mental health, and life choice. Put succinctly, you and you alone are in full agreement that you are solely responsible for all of your own choices and the consequences that arise from those choices. We are free from any obligation or liability from any and all choices that you make and the consequences of those choices.

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