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🌋World’s Most Powerful Facial – 21 Herbs Face Mask Powder is the perfect solution to all your skin concerns.
🌿Natural & Great for All Skin Types. Unique Combination of effective Herbs include Vetiver, Musk, Costus, Calamus, Galanda, Lodhra, Sandal Wood, Red Sandal Wood, Fulers Earth, Manjista, Saffron & Karpura.
🌟Brightens & Cleanses Skin While Adding Glow In 3 to 4 Weeks After Regular Use For 3 to 4 Times a Week.
🎯Directions: Mix 21 Herbs Face Pack Powder with the desired mixer as mentioned. Make a thick paste and apply a thin layer on the Face & Neck with the included wooden applicator spatula. Leave It Undisturbed for 8-10 Minutes. Once Dry and Firm, Damp Skin & Gently Massage for a Minute. Rinse Well With Water. Use it 3 – 4 times a Week.
🌿 Natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals and no artificial colours.🏆 Top Selling Product Created By One Of Amazon’s Top Selling Brands In Natural Wellness & Personal Care Products – Bella Vita Organic.
Bella Vita Organic’s 21 Herbs is a an all Natural, Herbal & Ayurvedic Miraculous Face Pack Powder made from a unique formulation of Organic Herbs used in ancient Ayurvedic recipes.

Each Herb present in the 21 Herbs face mask for women and men has an independent quality and a positive effect on the skin as stated below:-

🌿 Vetiver (Khas) – Heals Scars and Marks.

🌿 Musk Turmeric (Kasturi Haldi) – Improves skin tone & complexion.

🌿 Costus (Kuth) – Gives fair complexion.

🌿Calamus (Bhadra) – Gives Moisture & Hydration the skin.

🌿 Galanga (Bacha) – Contains Anti-oxidant and Anti-inflammatory Properties to give you a younger looking skin.

🌿 Lodhra – Cures Acne, Blemishes, White & Black heads

🌿 Sandal Wood (Chandan) – Keeps skin cool and exfoliates the upper dead skin cell layer for a fresh layer of skin underneath.

🌿 Fullers Earth (Multani Mitti) – Gives the skin an even skin tone while fighting Pigmentation.

🌿 Manjista – Relaxes facial muscles.

🌿 Saffron (Kesar) – The wonder herb for whitening and fairness.

🌿 Karpura (Camphor) – Cools the skin and soaks excess oil to prevent skin from clogging.

21 Herbs Miracle Face Masque Powder can be mixed with a combination of mixers to further combat a certain concern and create a flawless skin.

✅ Blemishes / Pigmentation = 21 Herbs + Papaya Juice / Gel

✅ Acne / Pimples = 21 Herbs + Neem Tulsi Gel / Neem Juice

✅ Dark Spots = 21 Herbs + Tomato Juice

✅ Uneven SkinTone = 21 Herbs + Apple Cider Vinegar + Water

✅ Dullness / Tan = 21 Herbs + Milk

✅ Dry Skin = 21 Herbs + Yogurt / Curd

✅ Sensitive Skin = 21 Herbs + Rose Water

✅ Oily Skin = 21 Herbs + Aloe Vera Gel

For Regular Use, Mix with Water
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