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Hey there! I wanted to introduce you to an all vegan and organic shaving product line. 103 Collection caters to men and women. Stay updated on my Instagram to see how I like the products over time.

“The 103 Collection was founded by Delfondo & Melinda Herron, a husband and wife that simply started paying more attention to the ingredients in our everyday products. Delfondo and Melinda noticed that not only were there harmful chemicals listed as ingredients in some of the popular name brands, but many were Cancer causing chemicals and after continued use over long periods of time, your organs can begin to malfunction and find it difficult to remove these toxins from your bloodstream. Many ask, how do you know that these chemicals are in my bloodstream because I’m not ingesting them. Well, if you apply soap, lotion, moisturizers, shaving products, etc. to your skin, the product is absorbed through your skin and then into your bloodstream. Now we must ask, would you put propane/butane (liquid gas) on your skin? Would you use calcium hydroxide (used in sewer treatments) on your skin? Do you even know what Lithium Magnesium Sodium Silicate is? (Toxic to your organs). Well, we reassure that you will not find any of these harmful ingredients in our products and that they are not tested on animals. We encourage you to know what ingredients are being applied to your body. We challenge you to compare your shaving foams, lotions, and hair removal products to our organic/vegan products. ”

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