Akshayakalpa organic products review & Farm visit use referral code (Kar869282034)

Akshayakalpa is a certified organic enterprise which mainly focuses on various dairy products. Apart from this, they have also diversified into organic farming, honey production, coconut based products, wholegrain bread, batter and other such items which are grown and processed in the region.

The aim of this company is to give rise to a new breed of empowered farmers who are self sufficient and earn enough to keep them from abandoning their villages and moving to cities in search of livelihood.

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Akshayakalpa launched a very good initiative of recycling revolution – ‘Give back your milk pack’ initiative – on World Earth Day 2022.

With 3 simple steps of RINSE-DRY-RETURN, the consumers can partner with them in this initiative. The collected milk packs are sustainably recycled into raw materials for other industries – thus giving the Akshayakalpa milk pouches a new lease of life.

Farm Visit Program –

The purpose of this tour is multifold. It provides the urban dweller with immersive and interactive activities that showcase the working of an organic and self sustaining farm. Children and adults are educated on how their food is grown and the humungous effort that is put in by the farmer to facilitate the journey of food from Soil to Soul.

It aims to inculcate a healthy respect for the process of producing food and not to take for granted what seems to magically appear on our plate.

The program also strives to indicate the difference between conventional and organic farming and thus exhibit how Akshayakalpa’s products are far safer and healthier with their ethical and chemical free processes, than other commercial mass production brands.

Visitors have a choice of participating in an overnight stay which covers almost 2 full days OR a single day program from morning to evening.

beekeeping: Akshayakalpa has 2 varieties of bees, the Indian one called the Cerana Indica and the European one called Mellifera.

All the ingredients used are either from their farm or from their farmer groups and hence they ensure the quality of all the produce that they serve.

Dairy RnD which is a model farm where the cows are housed. Apart from the Holstein Friesian cattle, they also have local breeds like Hallikar and Amruth Mahal which produce the A2 variant of milk.
The visitors get an up close and personal experience as they walk through the passage where the cows feed on silage and other fodder. They witness the free movement of the untethered animals that are happy and stress free.

Akshayakalpa has a clean milk production system that is completely hands-free.

Timings – 11am – 5.30pm

Booking and contact –

charges for the Day tour are a very nominal Rs 500/- and the overnight is Rs 1000/- per head. Children between 6-12 years pay only Rs 500.

The paid tour is open for booking to anyone who is interested. They also have a complimentary option for their Platinum customers who are those who recharge the Akshayakalpa App with Rs 5000/- at a time.
This will be a best place to celebrate your births or kids birthdays and connect with the nature. Incase you want to just spend time away from the city life perfect weekend getaway or work from home.

Phone –

For Booking and enquiry – +91 9535388122
Customer care number – 080 6802 2011

Link :-https://akshayakalpa.org/our-story/


Akshayakalpa Farms and Foods Pvt Ltd

No. 48/2, 49/2, 49/4, Kodihalli Village, Budavarasante-Kenkere Road, Anathi Post, Channarayapattana taluk, Hasan District, Karnataka 573131


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