Are You Damaging Your Face From Non Toxic Makeup Brands?

Long before there was such thing as synthetic, beauty was natural and the emphasis was on fashion to stand out from the crowd. Today, beauty lines sell you on smoother applications, longer lasting benefits and cultural acceptance.

Are the good ol’ days long gone? Not quite. There is increasing interest in using healthy choices for beautification and cosmetic supplies and the results are fabulous.

In fact, when I did a Google Trend search on “black girl natural makeup” I wasn’t shocked to see there is a dramatic increase in the number of searches on Google.

black girl natural makeup
The colors have been sampled and the textures compared, and the results are this:

Natural cosmetics are in every way as effective and durable as their synthetic cousins. This article will contain some information you should know about why the natural and non-toxic cosmetics are the way to go if you intend to preserve your beauty and youthful vigor past your 30th birthday.

What’s the Difference?

While the cosmetics offered by major name brands get a lot of good exposure, it’s their more harmful effects that should be closely examined. From parabens and phthalates to fragrances and BPA, there is hardly anything natural about these cosmetics. It is only a matter of time before the true effects of these cosmetics are brought into view.

At best, synthetic cosmetics can add unnecessary wear and strain on the skin, because for all intents and purposes these substances are toxins, the body tries hard to rid them from the body and many stay in the skin, depleting the elastin and sapping all youthful bounce.

At worst, prolonged use of these cosmetics has had many different effects ranging from premature aging to skin cancer. There is just no way to apply these harmful substances to your delicate skin day in and day out without any kind of negative results.
and more. Despite these discoveries, most old, established cosmetics companies are far too slow to change their ways, and continue to pump out their toxic sludge into packages they sell to us as ‘makeup.’

So Where Can You Find Healthy Alternative Non toxic Makeup Brands?

Brands have experienced a sudden increase in trying to offer alternative solutions. The only problem, is that these companies are or the most part, startups compared to the well-established and publicized cosmetic companies, offering synthetic solutions. Therefore, their options are simply not as well known, until now.

The non toxic makeup brands that will preserve your skin and nourish your complexion are available at sites like and Both of these sites feature a full array of products and cosmetics for those that prefer not slathering their skin with toxic-waste.

Those that have made the switch for the healthier option instantly notice difference. The way the skin accepts, and holds the natural cosmetics also allows them to be removed easily. Best of all, these non toxic makeup brands offer a healthy nutrient supply to the skin and often contain antioxidants, Vitamin E and many more.

Here is Our Review of Some of the Best Natural Makeup Brands

1. RMS Beauty – the creations of a well-known cosmetic artist Rose-Marie. After she discovered high quantities of toxins and heavy metals in her body after a routine screening, Rose-Marie knew a healthy alternative to these harmful cosmetics was needed. Her line of products features the creamiest selection of everything you need to take your natural beauty to the next level.

2. Ecco Bella – from perfumes and skin creams to soaps and shampoos, this natural line of products provides everything you need for an all-natural beauty regimen. No wonder this is the top selection for all type of beauty champions around the world. Make sure you check out their fabulous line of hair and skin care products that can help your recover from prolonged exposure to unhealthy cosmetics.

3. PHB Ethical Beauty – there is nothing they don’t have and in a great variety of colors and textures as well. This British Family run business is committed to providing a totally ethical, environmentally aware and natural service to those looking to make the world a better place. You will also find special vegan products as well.

Try these out and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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